Welcome to Holistic Education Books, a specialist book store run by EJR Language Service Pty. Ltd. Here you can find books by and about the holistic Ukrainian educator Vasily Sukhomlinsky (1918-1970).

We describe Sukhomlinsky's system of education as holistic, because he addressed multiple aspects of a child's development: physical, moral, emotional, aesthetic, intellectual and vocational. He was just as concerned about students' health and moral development as he was about their intellectual development.

Sukhomlynsky wrote about his work as a teacher and principal in newspapers, in journals, and in dozens of books. His school was visited by thousands of teachers, and his books were read by millions, not only in his homeland, but around the world. He has been particularly influential in China, where most of his books have been translated, and where, for the past two or three decades, he has been one of the most highly respected foreign educators.

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